Instructions for beginners

Choosing what to bet on in a bookmaker’s office. Instructions for beginners

It is not the first day that there are betting companies on the internet offering gambling entertainment and the opportunity to bet on your favourite sporting events. The number of fans of these platforms is countless, so the development of this area does not stand still and every day are added more and more new chips that make the pastime in games and betting even more exciting. Now you can find absolutely any events on which you can bet, as if it is a soccer match or a horse race, you only have to choose the directions that will please you. 

The most popular sports for betting 

The most popular sports for betting 

Since there are so many choices for betting, before you choose a discipline you need to understand what you are most comfortable betting on. Decide for yourself which of the sports suits you: single or team? 

For example, if you like when one person fights against another, then you will prefer boxing or tennis. Single sports have their own advantages for betting, because to analyze one player is much easier than to analyze the whole team, so here for many chances to win the bet is really more, but here will be important any little thing that can affect the outcome of the event. 

If you prefer sports where teams play, such as soccer, hockey, American soccer, basketball, volleyball – then you will also find a lot of events to bet on. Here too, there are advantages, because for example, if one of the players gets injured another can replace him without problems and the team you bet on will still win.

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Below will be collected some subtleties that should be taken into account when betting on your chosen disciplines.

  • Soccer. Consider the venue, opposing team, top players, possibility of injury and weather conditions. 
  • Hockey, basketball, volleyball. Keep track of how many games the team you want to bet on has already played. If they have played a lot of games in a row, the players may already be tired and will start to give up their positions. 
  • Tennis. Take into account the coverage on which the tournament is held and the health of the player, as well as how motivated he is, because in tennis there is such a concept of maintaining the rating. 
  • Horse races, dog races. Pay attention to how often animals take part in races and how often they are the first to the finish line. 

Betting on cyber sports

Nowadays, in addition to regular sports, cyber sports are no less popular. In this direction, too, tournaments are often held on which fans can bet money. Most often here you can find bets on the outcome of events, on the result of a certain round, on the forfeit and total. Live bets are also not uncommon, but they can be found only in certain games. Bookmakers also often accept bets on all major international tournaments, including SLTV Starseries, Starladder, Raidcall, The International, DreamHack, although smaller tournaments are also common. Below you will be able to familiarize yourself with a few of the cyber sports games you can bet on: 

  • Dota2;
  • Starcraft
  • Starcraft 2;
  • League of Legends;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • Mortal Combat.

Betting tips and strategies for new users 

Betting tips and strategies for new users

In order to make it easy for new users to place bets and make money on them immediately, we will tell you about some tips and strategies that can help you: 

  • If the bookmaker you have chosen has its own app, we recommend installing it on your device. With an app, betting on sports is much easier and faster. 
  • Choose trusted bookmakers. Before you start betting, choose a bookmaker you can trust, check for a gambling license. 
  • Place bets on the disciplines you know. In order to make a successful bet it is worthwhile to conduct serious analysis before the event, learn everything about the team you bet on, the venue, weather conditions and motivation of the players. These are all very serious things that affect the outcome of the event. If you are sure that you have made a bet knowing everything you need to know, you will win.
  • Use bonuses and participate in the ongoing promotions. Bonuses are always nice, especially since many bookmakers are very generous. This will give you the opportunity to make more bets on sports and win several times more.  


Now is the time to bet on whatever you feel like, whether it’s regular sports or virtual sports. Bookmaker companies provide any kind of service that may appeal to those who are willing to bet. Choose proven platforms, claim the most favourable bonuses and bet on sports with pleasure.