How to bet on volleyball

How to bet on volleyball: strategies and tips from experts 

Volleyball is a sport that is popular because you can bet on it and make money from it. Tournaments and matches are held in all possible months, so you can bet at any time. You just need to know which team to bet on. It is very important to choose a bookmaker, betting with whom will bring only pleasure. And generally understand when it is better to make many different bets, and when it is better to make only one. Volleyball, like any other sport, requires an understanding of its subtleties.

Volleyball Tournaments and Leagues

Since volleyball resonates with a large number of players, competitions, tournaments and leagues are organized in this sport. Therefore, among the great variety of sporting events you can choose the one that will be to your liking and bet on the team you are rooting for. The most popular volleyball tournaments are: Olympic Games, FIVB World Championship, FIVB National League, NCAA Volleyball Championship. They are held regularly, so you will be able to prepare in advance and decide what you want to bet on, because there is a great variety of them in volleyball. Volleyball is one of the most flexible sports, as in general, matches in it last about 2 hours, which is quite beneficial for those who want to know whether the bet has played or not as early as possible. 

Betting via mobile app

Betting via mobile app

Many popular bookmakers create their own authoring applications, which almost exactly replicate the interface of the official site. Therefore, if you have previously bet on volleyball and decided that you want to install an application on your device, this is the right decision. To install the application on any operating system, you just need to go to the official page and find the download file there. The difference between installing on Android and iOS is insignificant, except that in Android you will have to allow the app to be installed from an external source, while in iOS you just have to wait for the full installation. The app has significant advantages, because now you can bet on volleyball just by clicking on the screen a couple of times.

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How to bet on volleyball

If you’re a fan of a sport like volleyball, you’ve definitely wanted to place a bet at least once in your life, so if you haven’t tried it yet, we’ve created step-by-step instructions that will help you place a bet seamlessly at any bookmaker you like 

  1. Open in the browser you are comfortable using and go to the official page of the bookmaker 
  2. Go through the registration process filling in the fields with information about yourself, most likely you will need the following data: e-mail, first and last name, age, place of residence, if you are a registered user, just log in to your account. 
  3. Replenish your game balance by making a deposit, choose the payment method that you are comfortable using 
  4. Go to the section «Betting on sports» 
  5. Open «Volleyball Betting» 
  6. Enter the amount you wish to bet 
  7. Confirm it in a special window 
  8. Wait until your bet is played

Volleyball betting strategies

Volleyball betting strategies

Volleyball is not a difficult game, but you can’t bet on luck. As in any other sport you have bet on before, you need to follow a certain strategy and important tips. In order to make your bet a winning one, we have collected some really proven strategies: 

  • One of the most profitable bets in volleyball is the Odd/Even Points, here you just need to predict how many points the team you bet on will collect 
  • In volleyball a team must score at least 25 points in one match, because of this the spread of forfeits can be extremely large, which is often used by experienced players.
  • Study the statistics of the team and how it behaves in other tournaments, because it can help you bet on totals. This type of betting requires precision, so it is best to bet on the team you are sure of. 
  • Dogon also has a place in such a sport as volleyball, for example, if one of your bets played unsuccessfully, the next make the amount a little more than the previous one. This will allow you to win back lost bets. 
  • Determine the favorite of the game. If you have a player you are rooting for and you are sure that he will bring the coveted winning points to the team, then bet on him. The odds may not be too high, but the possibility of winning is definitely increased. 


What are the best bets in volleyball? 

The most profitable bets are bets on the favorite of the game, or on a certain number of points scored during the game. 

Are there any live bets on volleyball? 

Yes, there is such a section of volleyball betting, but it is not popular with everyone.