What is account promotion in bookmaker offices

What is account promotion in bookmaker offices

If you are an active user of gambling entertainment and use online platforms for this purpose, then you have certainly not once encountered such an offer as promotion of your gambling (betting) account. Many often agree to such an offer and are not always satisfied with the result. Basically, account promotion is a fraud, and you yourself, voluntarily give your account in the hands of an attacker. In order that you better understand what is promotion, we have collected all the information that will help you decide whether your game account needs it or not.  

What you should know right away about account promotion

When you go through the registration process on any site that provides online entertainment you are offered to familiarize yourself with the internal terms and conditions and user agreements. Most players do not read them carefully enough, although there is a really important clause that contains information that you are not allowed to share your data with third parties. Therefore, as soon as you think about the promotion remember this point, because it is it you directly narshushuchit. Therefore, as soon as the bookmaker becomes aware of it, your account will be immediately blocked and you will not be able to regain access to it. That is why you should not use the services of people who ask you to give them your gambling data.  

What attracts the attention of «account promotion»

The promoters try to attract attention in various ways and very often affect the psyche of the player. One of the most common ways to attract a future client is to send photos of money that they allegedly managed to raise from a minimal amount. However, such photos are better not to trust, because they can be edited in photoshop or just on the photo is not real bills, inexperienced players are led to the fact that they will be able to get rich in minutes, but such miracles are almost impossible. Some scammers may even send you a passport photo so that if anything you can have a guarantee, however, the photo is likely to be a completely different person. As often players themselves find the promoters and their pages, where they find a crazy amount of positive feedback, but they should not believe them either, because the accounts are often fake. So they can also communicate with the player to themselves and when they get the question «why do not you play from your account» they answer that bookmakers just block too successful players, however, this is also a lie, they just do not want to risk their own funds. 

Classic variant of account promotion 

Everything is very simple – you trust your account for promotion, passes the promised amount of time, you go to the account, and it does not have any funds and raskurtchik you blocked everywhere. Kogoda you stalkknesya with this then there is nothing you can do. It is important to realize that you are not alone at the promoter and even if he has «in the work» 10 accounts, perhaps only one will be lucky and there he can really raise money, and all the rest, as a rule, remain in a loss and just become uninteresting to the fraudster, so he blocks you without any explanation of the situation, especially if you yourself trusted him with your money, which to do, should not.  

Account hijacking 

This is not the most common scheme these days, however, sometimes promoters resort to it. It is as simple as possible, as soon as the user gives his personal data to the attacker, he loses access to them forever. They immediately change the password and withdraw the funds that were on your game account to their bank accounts. To return your money in this case will be simply unrealistic. However, you should give credit to bookmakers, because now most of them do not give the opportunity to change the password without confirmation from your mail, and you can withdraw funds only to the bank system with which you made a deposit.  

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The main task of the promoter is to draw attention to himself, and now many have advanced in this to the point where they have started to create individual sites and invest in the direction of advertisements. Here everything is also quite easy to understand – you are offered certain rates and you decide which one to choose, however, the more you invest, the better the result will be waiting for you and the more will come back to your account. Some scammers even pay you a certain percentage for a couple of months, but it is not commensurate with what you really should have been paid. You will be told that there are system glitches or that the operators are too busy, and then they will block you completely. 

Don’t fall for such tricks, play on your own and withdraw the money you win from your bets honestly.